What is Viral Marketing?- 1 minute marketing concept

What is Viral Marketing?- 1 minute marketing concept
Learn what is viral marketing in just 1 minute by Abhishek Kar.

After scaling new heights in the financial world and becoming one of the fastest growing HNI & management consultants, Abhishek Kar is invited at various conventions and leadership summit to inspire people.
Abhishek Kar is an HNI financial consultant/Branding and management strategist and a life coach who is on an endless pursuit of making people realize what they are capable of doing and how they can achieve their greatest potentials. He has served clients from various countries like US,Dubai,Germany etc and is known for his strategy formulation and consulting knowledge.

You can find abhishek at the following places-
Facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/abhishekkaro…
Twitter Page- https://twitter.com/Abhishekkar_
Blog (Personal development) https://abhishekkarblog.wordpress.com
Blog (Financial independence)- http://aktradeguru.blogspot.in,

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