Why My Small Business Needs Video Marketing In 2018.

Why My Small Business Needs Video Marketing In 2018.
Why My Small Business Needs Video Marketing In 2018.

The use of video in small business marketing is growing more every year. In the next few years, videos will make up the majority of web content. The rise of online videos is fueled by the increased use of mobile phones and the mobile online search request. Businesses must use video in their marketing strategies if they want to survive in 2018 and beyond. Videos can be a significant tool to bring attention to your brand and help you expand your reach. You can use your powerful content in social media, Youtube, your website, blogs, emails and anywhere else you can imagine.

The importance of video marketing for small businesses is something that many entrepreneurs in 2018 need to focus on and give much more attention. When you look at the search rankings, you will find that many Google search results feature video results. In the next few years, videos will hold a vast majority of search engine web traffic. Small businesses need to rethink the way they create their content; more digital media will be the preferred by both the public and by search engines.

The benefits of viral video marketing for small business owners are staggering.

1. Online video boost conversions rates considerably, people naturally respond to video better than any other form of content.

2. When your business uses video, you increase the trust of your brand because people can get a good view of your character, products, and services.

3. The return of investment using video can’t be beaten. The cost of print ads, text form content and cold calling can cost a lot of money. When you use videos, you engage with your customers the best way possible.

4. The numbers don’t lie. Many business owners using more video are experiencing more sales, leads, and more exposure. You can research the tips, data, and statistics for yourself, and you will be amazed by the usefulness of video for an entrepreneur.

5. Video gets more social shares than any other form of social media content. If you post a great video, watch some likes, shares, and comments you get increase more than any text-based content you create. Social video marketing will increase in 2018.

6. As more people use smartphones such as iPhones, Google Pixels, and Android phones, the amount of video content displayed in the search engine results will increase. People on phones prefer to view videos over the usual text articles and blogs.

7. When companies use videos, they can tell their story in the best way possible. A great video can capture the attention of customers and drive conversions. You can put a call to actions and even forms in your videos.

8. Your business can upload videos to Facebook and target your potential customers like never before. When using Facebook, you can focus interest, demographics, geographic area, income, affiliations, behaviors, spending habits, and much more hyper-targeted regions. Audience targeting combined with a powerful video can be a useful tool in showcasing your products and services to exactly who you want to make a sale.

9. Having a Branded YouTube channel is key to you building your brand with the use of video. If your business makes a YouTube channel, you can grow a considerable subscriber list and grow your business. The significant part of getting your videos on YouTube is that they sometimes show up in Google organic rankings. If you use SEO on your YouTube video, it has a good chance to rank in organic results pages, giving your small business a considerable edge over the competition.

Video Transcript:

There is a revolution going on.
And if you own a business, you are apart of it.
It’s video, and you need the video now more than ever.
In a few years, most web content will be video.
Without video, you will miss out on valuable customers.
About 80%
The solution is to act now.
Because customers will not find you online.
So if you own a bakery.
An online e-commerce store.
Or even a law firm.
You need video content, or you will miss out.
In one of the biggest digital revolutions of our time.
So arm your small business with video.
Because of no matter your industry.
Or profession.
The most powerful form of content will change the way people see your business.
Arm your small business today, with video.
by Cyber Reach SEO.

by – https://www.cyberreachseo.com


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