Why we do video marketing

Why we do video marketing
Marketing is one of the many fields that has benefited from the technological advances and integration achieved via social media and other resources. I have been the Marketing Coordinator at Metal Master Shop for a little over two years; but even before my arrival this shop was determined to use video marketing as a tool to connect with the world beyond our walls.

Photos are great, we are a big fan of them, we also utilize this newsletter, blog articles, and brochures, to communicate with all of you. These are all wonderful methods that form part of a bigger picture, but they can’t go as far as video can. Lucky for me, I am a storyteller, and I love making videos!

Videos tell stories that people can identify with. They let you in a world of movements and sounds, where tone comes into play and music can provoke different feelings. Video breaks the stillness of an image and gives dimension to the message. We like to share our day to day activities, because the customer experience involves relating to the people we do business with. Social media has provided a huge advantage for this method of marketing. Live broadcasts, short stories, and music video clips, are just a few of the ways we can convey a message so that it is entertaining and educational.

Videos are a great way to document step by step projects, testimonials and announcements. Here at Metal Master Shop, I use it to highlight customer jobs, which they can in turn use for their own marketing purposes, so it becomes not only a marketing tool for one business, but for two, and it also serves the purpose of providing and added value to our amazing customers, making their experience with us that much better.

Daylin Horruitiner


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