Woodhouse Day Spa – Business Promo Video by SEO & Video Marketing

Woodhouse Day Spa – Business Promo Video by SEO & Video Marketing


Woodhouse Day Spa:
Woodhouse is known for their inviting atmosphere, professional staff and commitment to customer service. This is not the typical massage or pedicure place. From the moment you walk in and smell the fragrance in the air, to your relaxing service, this oasis of peacefulness is truly a remarkable experience.

Woodhouse is known for being professionals in their field and creating an inviting atmosphere and memorable experience. As opposed to having the staff talk about how great the experience is and list off the services they offer; we had the customers tell their story. A few long term customers spoke in detail about their experience and thoughts on The Woodhouse.

These powerful testimonials are descriptive and share each women’s unique thoughts on how Woodhouse makes them feel when they visit.

With a well thought out plan, some excellent testimonials and some creative editing, we developed a piece that can be showcased on all three of their sites. In 2 minutes, a viewer has a better understanding of what the experience is like, how they can expect to feel, the services offered and take in the beauty of the environment. Woodhouse can now leverage this video with existing marketing materials such as social media, email campaigns and on-site reference.,

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