YouTube Tips – How to get started with Video Marketing for your Business

YouTube Tips – How to get started with Video Marketing for your Business
Let’s discuss the most fundamental question people ask when it comes to video marketing “How do I get started?” Jump start your video campaign with my video marketing toolkit. Get it here FREE:

In this video Owen will discuss the three P’s- Purpose, People, and Platform along with things to think about before stepping out into the video marketing world. Learn how to start off successful without having to back track later on.

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Getting started with video marketing is simple but it’s not what you might think.

The much harder aspect of video is the production and distribution. Knowing where to begin starts with having an understanding of where you want to go. Businesses want much different things from a successful YouTube marketing campaign and that’s why getting started on YouTube is more important know than every before.

In this video I’ll discuss the three P’s of Video Marketing. I’ll explain what they are, why they are important, and I’ll show you that you already know what they are! By thinking like a video marketer, you’ll discover the simple factors to consider before stepping out into the video marketing world.

Start here – Getting started with video marketing has never been easier:

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Check out my Video Marketing Toolkit for Business Owners. In this toolkit, you’ll receive the best and most efficient tools for starting your business on YouTube, Facebook Video, and Live Stream.

You’ll get my scripting templates, marketing strategy blueprints, and my full guide to gear, framing, editing, and more. Click below and you’ll get my overview training video as a bonus!

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