London’s Businesses are Doing The Business

London is home to a wide array of great restaurants, both chain London businesses and cosy family-owned dining establishments. In addition to having innumerable cuisine options, locals and visitors can choose between fine and casual dining, as well as everything in between. When you are in London, there’s simply no excuse for not eating well.

london phone box big ben and city of central london

Fare from Everywhere
Whether you are in the mood for a traditional Ethiopian dish, such as injera and wat, or prefer a Mediterranean meal, including kebobs or spanikopita, it is possible to find it in London. The same goes for Japanese, American, Italian, French, Mexican, Malaysian, Moroccan, and Middle Eastern foods. Of course, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch is also available.

Choices for Every Budget
In London, it is possible to get crispy fish and chips for as little as £5 or as much as £75, if you really want to spend that much on a single meal. For every fine dining establishment, such as Galvin At Windows or Alain Ducasse At The Dorchester, there is a delicious budget friendly alternative, such as Regency Cafe, where two people can eat for around £16 and Scandinavian Kitchen, where you can purchase a delicious breakfast for £2.50 or lunch for around £5.50. Regardless of how much or how little you want to spend, there is a London restaurant that can accommodate your budget.

From Romantic to Family Friendly
London is also home to intimate lounges that cater to couples, as well as family friendly restaurants where children are always welcome. For a first date or anniversary dinner, Aqua Shard, Berners Tavern, and The Ritz Restaurant are definitely worth considering. If you are interested in a place that the entire family can enjoy, Fire and Stone, All Star Lanes (also offers bowling), or Bodean’s BBQ are just a few great places to try.

Don’t Forget the Street Vendors
Of course, some of the best values, that just so happen to also be the tastiest options, can be purchased from street vendors, who sell everything from amazing grilled cheese sandwiches (Grill My Cheese) to macaroni and cheese (Annie Mae’s Mac n Cheese), a haggis toastie (Deeneys), and vegetarian, gluten free Indian food (Dosa Deli). As an added bonus, they frequently change locations, so it’s possible to try something entirely different while visiting the same corner several times a week.

Restaurants Open 24/7
If you are in London and find yourself starving at 3am, there are plenty of tasty options to choose from. There are numerous restaurants that are open 24/7, including Duck and Waffle (which also happens to be the highest restaurant in the UK and a great place to catch the sunrise), Don Quixote Café (a diner that is well priced), and Balans Soho Society Café. Regardless of what you are in the mood for, you can find it.

There is certainly no shortage of amazing restaurants to choose from in London. In fact, the hardest part isn’t finding a restaurant, but narrowing down the enormous selection.

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Webdesign. Odds Are You Need An Update.

Regardless of how outstanding your current website design, at some point you are going to have to update it. Of course, this brings one crucial question immediately to mind. “If I redesign my website, am I going to lose traffic or sales?” It’s a legitimate question and the answer is yes.

Almost any time a you redesign a website, it loses traffic. In fact, 7 out of 10 marketers who release an updated design experience a decrease in either their traffic or sales. Fortunately, it is possible to minimise your losses and even recoup some of your loss by improving engagement with a great new design.

The following Bristol web design infographic takes you through the process of redesigning your website without sacrificing traffic or sales.

How to Redesign Your Website Without Losing Traffic or Sales
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Significant Changes to Your Website
The truth is that stagnant websites can’t keep up in the ever evolving online world. Not only do search engines look favorably on websites that are frequently updated, adjusting your design may be exactly what you need to maximise your conversion rate.

The Importance of Websites for Removal Companies

More than 365,000 people moved house in the U.K. during 2014, an 8 per cent rise from the previous year. In the same year, 73 per cent of adults in the area used the internet to search for information on various UK businesses, products, and services, including removal companies. If you are wondering why this information is important, the answer is simple. It shows that removal companies without a business website are doing themselves a great disservice. Companies that do not have an internet presence are losing potential customers to their competitors who have a professional website.

Removal Company Websites

Your website not only gets your name out there, but it also provides potential customers with all the information they need to make sure they are making the right decision. For example, they will be able to easily access information about what particular services you offer, areas you operate in, rates, and much more. As an added bonus, this will prevent you from spending a large part of your day answering these types of questions over and over on the phone. In fact, your website could be set up so that customers can go ahead and schedule their move. Not only is it convenient for you, but it is convenient for them, which most customers appreciate.

The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

As of 2014, 66 per cent of UK adults with a cell phone opted for a smartphone because they make communication and searching the internet much simpler. A mobile friendly website makes it easier for them to scan your website quickly for the information they need. If they have to zoom and pinch to look for information, they are more likely to click away from your site in order to search for a removal company that is mobile friendly.

If your goal is to grow your removal company, having a well designed website that provides customers with the information they need, while also being easy to navigate, can help you achieve your goal. Here’s a good example from of the leading, small move companies in Bristol and the UK. They are called We Like 2 Move It and doing a popular Google search with a keyword such as Removals Bristol will show their attractive website appearing at the top of Google’s search pages. We are told that almost 70% of their customers find them via Google and a further 25% come through referral.

Have you got an attractive business website that is appearing on Google?

Basics of SEO For British Companies

seo uk

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of manipulating website content so that the website ranks high in a search engine’s list of results. It is extremely valuable, as the increased visibility usually translates to more visitors and, subsequently, an increase in sales or support. The right tool makes an enormous difference in how successful this process is. This article offers a set of questions you can use to analyse whether a specific solution will work for you and to compare what’s on the market.

Using a SEM tool increases the odds that the search engine will see yaw website as a good match for whatever an Internet user is looking for. The number of choices of solutions on the market can be daunting, however. To get good results and ensure good website visibility, you should evaluate the solutions available with a set of simple questions.

If you are serious about getting some online exposure take note that there are global, national and local/regional search results. For example if a search term contains a city or state in it such as SEO Bristol, then you’ll get results pertaining to that area in the South West of England. If your search is more generic, “seo strategies”, you’ll get a more global result. But also bear in mind that the country you are in will usually show up results from that country .com .us .ca.

1) How big is the keyword database?
Larger keyword databases are more likely to return a bigger set of terms that are relevant to your topic. The broader range of keyword results means that you have much more flexibility in how you phrase what you’re saying, affecting both tone and flow of your content. Even if you don’t include all the keywords that come up, seeing such an extensive list can give you ideas for other sentences, paragraphs, pages or even entirely new websites.

2) How does the tool organize the keywords?
Ideally, the right tools will rank the keywords it shows you based on their popularity. On a basic tool, this might mean the tool shows you everything in one word list. Some tools, however, create more than one list for you. One might show you riot only the main terms, for example, but also a separate set of “helper” words you could consider-. The ability to see long-tail keywords (longer phrases, usually of three words or more, that are more specific to the topic) at a glance is also good. There’s less competition for these phrases, but their specificity means you can target individual target niches more easily. By some experts estimates’ as much as 70 percent of Internet searches use long-tail keywords.

3) Does the tool address both keywords and search context?
In the past, it was common for SEO professionals to “pad” or “stuff” websites with the keywords they knew people were using on a topic. This technique increased the rankings for the sites, but it meant that the content on the pages didn’t always truly connect to the topic in ways that the user expected. The end result was that users found it harder to find the information they really needed. Today’s major companies have adjusted the algorithms for their search engines so that stuffing doesn’t work anymore, and so that you have to think about the user’s search intent. The metrics the tool measures should keep you focused on your topic, showing you whether related but less relevant terms are claiming too much real estate in the content.

4) What is the platform for the tool?
Some Search Engine Optimisation tools are designed to work offline, requiring downloads or installs. This approach has its advantages, such as being able to work even if you can’t connect to the Internet and having good access or permissions control. More recently, however, companies have started focusing, on offering SEO applications as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options, basing the programs on the Internet. These options have advantages, too, such as being able to share work with team members easily or work on a project on different devices. Both methods, therefore, can be beneficial, but your individual goals and needs may dictate that one is more appropriate than the other.

5) What kind of analysis or metrics do you get?
At a minimum, your tool should be able to show you the percentage of the content used by your keywords, or even better, by each keyword. It also should show factors like word pair proximity, content length, conversion rate, which pages are visited most on your site, the number of referring visits, which referrals come from which search engines and which referrals come from specific keywords. These numbers let you direct your marketing efforts much more specifically, ensuring you don’t waste time, money or other resources.

6) Is the interface easy to understand and navigate?
Professionals tend to have their own preferences in terms of software interfaces, but the golden rule with any strategy is that it needs to be intuitive. The more elements are buried, the less efficient your work is going to be. Think about what you will be doing most when you evaluate the placement of features. A good help section or customer support accessibility can make the difference if you’re on the fence about a solution.

7) Can you import, export and save easily?
You should look for tools that include both manual and automatic save options. Import capability is vital, as you’ll likely want to get content from existing sites or other documents. There also should be multiple choices in how to export, such as HTML or plain text. The save, import and export options should be prominent on the interface and, ideally, take just one or two clicks.

Tools have flooded the market both here in SEO Bristol UK and around the world but that doesn’t mean all of them are stellar. Take the time to analyze them well when you need to buy one. Remember—in the end, it doesn’t matter what anyone else uses. What matters is that the tool works for you.

Media Mister – Social Media Marketing Services

Media Mister – Social Media Marketing Services
Media Mister – Social Media Marketing Services

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On Page SEO Step by Step Optimization Tutorial 2016

On Page SEO Step by Step Optimization Tutorial 2016
On Page SEO Step by Step to learn and proper on page optimization of content in your web page and on page seo optimization to rank your website higher in the search engines.

This On Page SEO Step by Step tutorial is here in details.

1. Determine Strategy for Keywords

2. List The Potential Keywords

3. Check Competition of Keywords

4 – Use keywords in title of the content

5 – Use keyword in Meta Tags & Description

6 – Use keyword in URL of the post.

7 – Use of Keyword in first and last Paragraph.

8 – Use Keyword in H1, H2, and H3 Tags…

9 – Content must be longer than 300 – 350 Words…

10 – Keyword Density must be between 2- 3 %.

11 – Keyword Must be used in Image alt tag of the post.

12 – You must use Canonical URL for the content.

If you are using all on page seo optimization techniques to your blog then your post may be count as perfect on page optimization.

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Video Marketing Case Studies

Video Marketing Case Studies
One source for ongoing online content is case studies. Case studies are simple, convincing stories that almost tell themselves. If you’ve been in business for any length of time you have stories where you met or exceeded a customer’s wants, needs or desires. Simply tell that story in video and … as if by magic … you have a video case study. Outlining the case study is easy; identify the client and state the problem you were asked to solve, describe the solution you proposed, and then show the results. See? Simple. Next you need to decide how the study will be presented as this will tell you what kind of script you’ll need write. If you have a magnetic and engaging presenter you may want them to carry the load and the script will be narrative supported by text, graphics, pictures and video. You could tell the story with still images moving on the screen in a method we call, affectionately, “Ken Burns” and have an off camera narrator. You might interview the parties involved such as the customer, the sales lead, and the creative lead ala 60 Minutes. In this case the script will look like a bunch of questions and you’ll want the answers to sound unscripted and off-the-cuff. One benefit to the interview style is you get a testimonial from the client; and that is pure gold. You could produce an animated video combining all kinds of elements from pictures to video to motion text and graphics. Here again, you’ll be using a narrative script style with an off camera narrator. This may also be the most expensive to produce. Let’s talk about time. These things should be as short as possible; one to two minutes should be adequate to do the job. If you can tell the whole story in less than a minute, you should. Keep in mind that a single spaced one page script is about 2 and a half minutes long. I remember one project where the client wrote the script. I was told this would be a 5 minute video … aaannnnd they showed up with 10, count ’em, 10 pages. That’s roughly 15 minutes of copy. Producing a script that takes less than two minutes is harder than it appears. The key is editing. Here’s how I tend to approach it. I write everything I’d like to say, then I remove the parts I don’t need. This gets tough when you have a favorite section or line that has to go in order to stay on time. However, these restrictions will actually help you develop a much better story that if you blather on and on and on. Remember, the version of Henry David Thoreau’s work WALDEN POND — where he extols the virtues of the simple life — is re-write number 6. To be a great writer you must be a great editor. Never forget that. On the other hand keep in mind that, at some point, you must be done and get on with things. Don’t let perfectionism get in the way of a good story. Holding these two things in tension is what professionalism is all about. Speaking of which, you may want to consider hiring a professional to, at least, consult on your project from concept through script to completion of the video. Now, as I said at the beginning case studies are an ongoing source of online marketing content and, for best results, you should have a process that regularly brings new stories to the attention of your audience. This isn’t a one-and-done proposition. If you plan to create one case study and stop there; save your money and do nothing. If, however, you plan to succeed; plan an ongoing series. Comments? Questions? Just leave a note on the blog or contact us via the email address on the screen. Now get out and do something. ======

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Yoast SEO WordPress plugin for Beginners

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin for Beginners
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for any website, and in this tutorial we show you how to make the most out of the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.

See how to create effective search results, great Facebook & Twitter posts, use Focus Keywords, On Page Analysis and much more.

Free tutorials for WordPress, Slider Revolution and Visual Composer. New tutorials added every Wednesday.

Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!



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El Hundimiento: las redes sociales y el social media marketing cambian la historia

El Hundimiento: las redes sociales y el social media marketing cambian la historia
‘Der Untergang’ es una película alemana estrenada durante el 2005, conocida también en otros países como ‘El hundimiento’ o ‘La caída’, basada en la obra Der Untergang del historiador Joachim Fest, y que a su vez se basa en parte en las memorias escritas por Albert Speer y por Traudl Junge, secretaria de Adolf Hitler.

Casi la totalidad del film se desarrolla en el búnker donde se refugiaron Adolf Hitler y sus allegados durante las últimas semanas de la Batalla de Berlín. Y una de sus escenas se ha convertido en inspiración de muchas parodias subtituladas que circulan por la red.

Ahora, esta mítica escena vuelve a convertirse en el escenario de un nueva historia donde entran en juego, las redes sociales, los community managers y el social media marketing.

A pesar de contar con un guión poco ortodoxo y exagerado pero cargado de humor, si eres un apasionado de los medios y redes sociales, seguro que vas a pasar un buen rato con este nuevo video de gran impacto viral.,

How Do You Make a Product Demonstration Video? Video Marketing Campaign

How Do You Make a Product Demonstration Video? Video Marketing Campaign Captive8 Media were commissioned to create a product demonstration video which would also double up as a marketing video for the wonderful cinnamon hill cinnamon grater.,