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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of manipulating website content so that the website ranks high in a search engine’s list of results. It is extremely valuable, as the increased visibility usually translates to more visitors and, subsequently, an increase in sales or support. The right tool makes an enormous difference in how successful this process is. This article offers a set of questions you can use to analyse whether a specific solution will work for you and to compare what’s on the market.

Using a SEM tool increases the odds that the search engine will see yaw website as a good match for whatever an Internet user is looking for. The number of choices of solutions on the market can be daunting, however. To get good results and ensure good website visibility, you should evaluate the solutions available with a set of simple questions.

If you are serious about getting some online exposure take note that there are global, national and local/regional search results. For example if a search term contains a city or state in it such as SEO Bristol, then you’ll get results pertaining to that area in the South West of England. If your search is more generic, “seo strategies”, you’ll get a more global result. But also bear in mind that the country you are in will usually show up results from that country .com .us .ca.

1) How big is the keyword database?
Larger keyword databases are more likely to return a bigger set of terms that are relevant to your topic. The broader range of keyword results means that you have much more flexibility in how you phrase what you’re saying, affecting both tone and flow of your content. Even if you don’t include all the keywords that come up, seeing such an extensive list can give you ideas for other sentences, paragraphs, pages or even entirely new websites.

2) How does the tool organize the keywords?
Ideally, the right tools will rank the keywords it shows you based on their popularity. On a basic tool, this might mean the tool shows you everything in one word list. Some tools, however, create more than one list for you. One might show you riot only the main terms, for example, but also a separate set of “helper” words you could consider-. The ability to see long-tail keywords (longer phrases, usually of three words or more, that are more specific to the topic) at a glance is also good. There’s less competition for these phrases, but their specificity means you can target individual target niches more easily. By some experts estimates’ as much as 70 percent of Internet searches use long-tail keywords.

3) Does the tool address both keywords and search context?
In the past, it was common for SEO professionals to “pad” or “stuff” websites with the keywords they knew people were using on a topic. This technique increased the rankings for the sites, but it meant that the content on the pages didn’t always truly connect to the topic in ways that the user expected. The end result was that users found it harder to find the information they really needed. Today’s major companies have adjusted the algorithms for their search engines so that stuffing doesn’t work anymore, and so that you have to think about the user’s search intent. The metrics the tool measures should keep you focused on your topic, showing you whether related but less relevant terms are claiming too much real estate in the content.

4) What is the platform for the tool?
Some Search Engine Optimisation tools are designed to work offline, requiring downloads or installs. This approach has its advantages, such as being able to work even if you can’t connect to the Internet and having good access or permissions control. More recently, however, companies have started focusing, on offering SEO applications as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options, basing the programs on the Internet. These options have advantages, too, such as being able to share work with team members easily or work on a project on different devices. Both methods, therefore, can be beneficial, but your individual goals and needs may dictate that one is more appropriate than the other.

5) What kind of analysis or metrics do you get?
At a minimum, your tool should be able to show you the percentage of the content used by your keywords, or even better, by each keyword. It also should show factors like word pair proximity, content length, conversion rate, which pages are visited most on your site, the number of referring visits, which referrals come from which search engines and which referrals come from specific keywords. These numbers let you direct your marketing efforts much more specifically, ensuring you don’t waste time, money or other resources.

6) Is the interface easy to understand and navigate?
Professionals tend to have their own preferences in terms of software interfaces, but the golden rule with any strategy is that it needs to be intuitive. The more elements are buried, the less efficient your work is going to be. Think about what you will be doing most when you evaluate the placement of features. A good help section or customer support accessibility can make the difference if you’re on the fence about a solution.

7) Can you import, export and save easily?
You should look for tools that include both manual and automatic save options. Import capability is vital, as you’ll likely want to get content from existing sites or other documents. There also should be multiple choices in how to export, such as HTML or plain text. The save, import and export options should be prominent on the interface and, ideally, take just one or two clicks.

Tools have flooded the market both here in SEO Bristol UK and around the world but that doesn’t mean all of them are stellar. Take the time to analyze them well when you need to buy one. Remember—in the end, it doesn’t matter what anyone else uses. What matters is that the tool works for you.

How to Claim Your Local Business Listings and Reasons Why You Should

How to Claim Your Local Business Listings and Reasons Why You Should Call 202-681-8434 for assistance with how to claim your local business listings. J.P. Marketing, LLC offers this as a service for busy small business owners.

0:13 Claim your local listings
0:26 Consider this..
0:49 Reputation management
1:05 Search engine optimization (SEO)
1:25 Find out what folks are saying
1:43 Talk to your customers
2:00 How to claim your local listings

Have you ever heard of websites like Yelp, CitySearch and Google Places? These are sites that allow ordinary everyday folks to write reviews and leave comments about local businesses. They offer a wonderful way for you to increase your web presence and advertise your business.

If it sounds like another unnecessary hassle and profile to make, take a minute to consider this — there’s a good chance your business is already listed and people are talking about you. Someone somewhere has put you on the map and there are reviews already written. Wouldn’t you like to be in control of it?

You should seek out all listings of your business and claim them as soon as possible. It only takes a few minutes and there are 4 vital reasons why it needs to be done ASAP.

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Social Media Revolution 2011. B2B Sales and Marketing

Social Media Revolution 2011. B2B Sales and Marketing
Sales intelligence applications have changed the sales landscape much the same way that the Bloomberg Terminal changed Wall Street. Social selling is driven with accurate sales intelligence. Sales productivity increases as more data is captured with trigger events being the action. InsideView, the social CRM application which brings comprehensive sales intelligence gained from social media and traditional sources directly into any CRM platform for increased sales productivity and revenue.,

Image File Names for Better Search Engine Optimization

Image File Names for Better Search Engine Optimization
Artists, makers, metalsmiths and crafts people in all media can improve the visibility of their images online with better image file names.In six minutes learn the four tips for improved image file names, and increase visibility for your art or craft.

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Como Hacer Video Marketing en Español en Youtube – 2015

Como Hacer Video Marketing en Español en Youtube – 2015

Qué es el Video Marketing ? Podríamos decir que es la forma de “mercadear” tu producto o servicio a través de videos…pero también es mucho más que eso. Con la llegada de youtube y la posibilidad de que en la mayoría de los hogares se tenga internet de buena velocidad, lo que permite ver perfectamente los videos, se ha abierto una increíble oportunidad para que cualquier persona corriente (tu y yo por ej) tenga acceso a crear y compartir contenido audiovisual de forma económica y hasta gratuita! Y ésto era un lujo que hasta hace no mucho tiempo sólo se podían dar los grandes canales televisivos, agencias de publicidad, etc. Te das cuenta de su potencial?

Por eso se dice que internet ha “democratizado” la información…claro, también hay cualquiera subiendo cualquier tontería; videos mal grabados o con audio pésimo, simples grabaciones de celulares del último viaje con los amigos, etc, etc. Lo importante es usarlo para promover nuestro negocio: ya sea éste nuestro sitio web, nuestra empresa, un producto físico, servicios varios, oportunidades, viajes, tutoriales… la lista es infinita.,

Online Directory Assistance – How To List Your Business On Online Directories

Online Directory Assistance – How To List Your Business On Online Directories Are you a local business owner that want more customers for your business?
More and more small businesses today are using online directories to their benefit. Most of the time the business owner is very busy and a online directory assistance is welcome. If you run a small business, then odds are you spend a great deal of your time thinking about your marketing plan. Online directories can be a great addition to your current small business marketing strategy. Online directories can help your small business expand its website traffic, increase the likelihood that your website will be found by interested viewers and increase your bottom line. If you haven’t taken a look at online directories and considered how your small business could use them to increase its market presence- then now is the time to start!

What Are Online Directories?

There are many different types of online directories available on the Internet. Each of these online directories serves a specific purpose and can be used by your small business in specific ways. An online directory is a website submission service that allows your small business’s website to be added to a specific category where it can be searched for by interested viewers. These searchable online directories allow their viewers to search for websites and businesses that they find interesting or that they want to learn more about. Listing your small business on an online directory increases your website’s visibility on the web and helps to create inbound links to your business’s website. Online directories make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. These directories can be accessed from just about anywhere that has an internet connection. This means that people could find your business’s website from their home, office or even while traveling.

Every website that is submitted to an online directory is placed in a specific category. These categories can range in how they are organized. Some are organized by business-related categories, some are organized according to personal preferences and others are organized by subject. Each category consists of several websites relating to a specific topic. Each website listing features the name of the website, a direct link to the website and a short description of the website. Interested Internet viewers will be able to browse through the various categories in the directory and locate websites like yours that they may be interested in viewing. Essentially, online directories make it easier for random viewers to find your business’s website.,

The ViralGains Viral Marketing Platform

The ViralGains Viral Marketing Platform

The ViralGains mission is to create authentic relationships between consumers and advertisers through the power of online video. ViralGains delivers Viral Marketing at scale through technology that measures how consumers watch, share, and talk about video content.

The ViralGains Viral Marketing Platform is the first of its kind that maximizes views, shares, and conversations in real time for YouTube content.

ViralGains uses programmatic buying to place your video on publishers where targeted audiences discover your content and fall in love with your brand. We designed our collaborative technology for creative, PR, and media agencies to maximize each dollar they spend and made it accessible for brands of all sizes.

ViralGains was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Boston’s beautiful Innovation District.

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What Is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and How Does It Works in Hindi/Urdu Basic SEO Tutorial

What Is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and How Does It Works in Hindi/Urdu Basic SEO Tutorial
What Is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and How Does It Works in Hindi/Urdu Basic SEO Tutorial,सर्च इंजन ऑप्टिमाइजेशन क्या होता है?

अगर आप नीचे दिए हुए search terms को दुढते हुए यहाँ पर आये है तोह आप बिलकुल सही जगह आये है और यह video देखते रहिये :-
what is seo,
what is seo optimization,
what is seo and how does it work,
what is seo blog,
what is seo for website,
what is seo google,
what is seo in blogging,
what is seo how it works,
what is seo mean,
what is search engine optimization ,
what is search engine optimization (seo),
what is search engine optimization seo and how does it works,
what is search engine optimization and how does it work,
why is search engine optimization important.

अगर आप को यह विडियो पसंद आया तो कृपया लाइक करें और अगर आप कुछ कहना या पूछना चाहते है तो कृपया नीचे दिए गए कमेंट बॉक्स में लिखें धन्यवाद !

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Affordable Social Media Marketing Services | Get Your Free Quote Now.

Affordable Social Media Marketing Services | Get Your Free Quote Now.
You are a busy person. You’ve got a long list of important jobs that need to get done. But some of them have been sitting there for weeks! Jobs you just don’t want to do – or don’t have time to do. Jobs that are such a pain you wish someone else would do them.
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8) SEO & Linkbuilding , Increase Traffic.
9) Anything Related To Web :)

# Artist / Organisation / Brand / Business
( Social Media Guru / Manager , Facebook ADS Manager , YouTube ADS Manager )

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* Set a goal

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Tap into our influencer network. We will help you select relevant influencers who can integrate your brand’s message through organic content.

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