Did Google Pigeon Algorithm Update 2014 Affect Your Business Listings? Here’s What To Do

Did Google Pigeon Algorithm Update 2014 Affect Your Business Listings? Here’s What To Do
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Recent changes in Google’s Pigeon Update have decimated some local business Google Maps listings.

Here’s how to get some of your revenues back up to speed.,

Product endorsement task – VIM liquid (Viral Marketing)

Product endorsement task – VIM liquid (Viral Marketing)
This video has been shot for the task Viral marketing given by E-Cell, RV college of Engineering ,Bangalore by team BORN WINNERS (BEC040).
Team members : Padam Kochar,Sridip Kr. Mishra,Samarth Shendre,MD Affan Ahmed, Ayush Jain, Yash malik
Directed, cinematography and editing: Karthik Sullia
Script,Screenplay,Music and Casting: Kunal Kishor Suman
Internet service provider :Pranjhal Jha, Priyank nahata
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Thanks for watching .,

Video Marketing Tips – Everyone Can USE Video

Video Marketing Tips – Everyone Can USE Video
http://goo.gl/8pVpFg For professional people, video is often just not on the radar screen. And if it is, it is often with the negative image of the used car salesman or the ambulance chasing attorney doing really bad TV commercials. With notions like that, its no wonder that people dont think of video as being a good way to promote a professional practice or business.
But the world has really changed.

We are not talking about television commercials. Thank goodness because the reason those commercials tend to be so bad is that small business people dont have the marketing budgets that a fortune 500 corporation can spend in producing a highly-polished 30-second spot, let alone pay for the air time!

We are talking about video on the Internet, video on your website, and even video in your email marketing campaigns. Cost is no longer a significant issue once you realize that the technology has become really inexpensive, and most of the online communication channels we are talking about range from free to very inexpensive. So the fact is that EVERYONE can use video.

http://goo.gl/8pVpFg Doctors, lawyers, accountants, therapists, coaches… brick and mortar store owners, online businesses, speakers, authors… the list goes on and on. What all of these professions have in common is that they (in one way or another) involve teaching important information to clients and patients. And video can be used to capture and package those teaching aspects of your work and make them into products.

But even at the purely marketing level that we are often talking about, video on your website is all about allowing people to actually meet you in person and start to build a relationship with you.

Let them meet you without tying up your time. Let them judge whether they feel a good fit, a good connection at a time that is convenient for them and without having to take any emotional risk of having to make an initial appointment.
Then when they do pick up the phone, they already have a connection with you. You will be on the fast track to doing work together. This is about leveraging your time so that you meet with MANY more people than you could ever make time for even on the phone — you cant afford the face time for those initial contacts where someone is still in shopping around mode.
Not to mention that if the way you deal with these initial contacts is either in person or on the phone, you are not necessarily always at your best, at your most focused, at your most polished. With video, you ensure that you start all of your professional relationships with your best foot forward. THATS one of the great powers of video — edit it to get it right and then its ALWAYS right!


Hows your bottom line? Are you making all the money you want? Ever wonder why people cant find you online just at the moment they really need you (yet YOU found THIS video, so we must be doing SOMETHING right!)?

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Dr. Marc and Charlie can help you with your online video marketing, LinkedIn video, YouTube video marketing, web video, internet video, website video, and more.



What Is Seo In Hindi (WHAT IS SEO) Search Engine Optimization

What Is Seo In Hindi (WHAT IS SEO) Search Engine Optimization
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#alexfromtarget Viral Marketing FAKE?

#alexfromtarget Viral Marketing FAKE?
Is #alexfromtarget a viral marketing stunt, or is its claim that it’s a stunt the actual stunt? My brain hurts.

Buy some awesomeness for yourself!


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PPC vs. SEO or Pay Per Click vs. Search Engine Optimization

PPC vs. SEO or Pay Per Click vs. Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click vs. Search Engine Optimization argues what is better? SEO vs. PPC, what is better for getting traffic to your site? By combining both of these methods, you can quickly get the upper hand on your competition. Instant traffic, easy to set up and track, keyword conversion testing, A/B testing with ads, track your roi or return on investment. These are just some of the topics we discuss throughout the Business Web Basics course. Check it out at BusinessWebBasics.com,