Was versteht man unter dem Begriff Social Media Marketing?

Was versteht man unter dem Begriff Social Media Marketing?
Interview mit Mario Schachinger, verantwortlich für den Bereich Online-Marketing bei der Fa. Wolfbytes Software Solutions, zur Frage: „Was versteht man unter dem Begriff Social Media Marketing?“

Das Social Media Marketing nutzt soziale Netzwerke wie Facebook, Google+, Twitter, aber auch Bilder- und Videoplattformen wie Pinterest, Youtube oder Vimeo, um potenzielle Kunden oder Interessenten anzusprechen und mit Ihnen direkt in Kontakt zu treten. Neben dem App-Development und dem Mobilen Marketing unterstützen wir Sie auch in den Bereichen Online-Marketing. Hierbei liegen unsere Kernkompetenzen in den Bereichen Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO), Suchmaschinenmarketing (SEA), Social-Media-Marketing und dem Blog-Marketing. Für jeden Kunden entwickeln wir individuell angepasste Online-Marketingstrategien zu fairen Preisen. Besuchen Sie uns doch einmal auf unserer Website (www.wolfbytes-software.de) – wir beraten Sie gerne!,

Get More Online Exposure and Local SEO with Business Listings!

Get More Online Exposure and Local SEO with Business Listings!
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If your business listings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo as well several online directories have incorrect or missing information, your customers can become confused and as a result choose not to do business with you.,

Master en Video Marketing

Master en Video Marketing
Master en Video Marketing
Este Articulo fue Publicado Originalmente por #JuanFactor en: http://www.blog.juanfactor.org/master-en-videomarketing/ | BLOG DE JUAN FACTOR

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16 How to Optimize Your Images for SEO

16 How to Optimize Your Images for SEO
16 How to optimize your images for SEO video lesson explains how to name HTML images and use alt attribute for Google. Created by https://www.rankya.com/ this video tutorial session shows you how to properly utilize HTML image files to further guide Google to understand web page content.
Google has image publishing guidelines for webmasters which can be located here:

Images play a major role in modern website design and also images are a great way to communicate information for relaying your message. Using visual symbols to increase your conversion rates are common strategy that almost all web sites utilize. Although this being the case, and although most of the information regarding image optimization techniques are plentiful on internet, most of them fail to explain how you can and should utilize images so that Google can make the relation between your web page (and the keywords you are targeting) and your images.

This video tutorial lesson does just that, show you step by step “how to optimize your HTML image files” for SEO. If you believe that you have learned new insights by watching this video session, then I encourage you to share it around on your social profiles, here’s the link to do just that:

This video training course is first uploaded by #rankyaseoservices YouTube channel

Looking forward to your subscription and I hope you have gained new knowledge about search engine optimizing your images for guiding Google to better understand your landing page content.,

Como usar Facebook en una empresa. Manual Facebook 2014. Social Media Marketing.

Como usar Facebook en una empresa. Manual Facebook 2014. Social Media Marketing.
Te presentamos el manual gratuito sobre Facebook y de su uso profesional dentro de una estrategia de Social Media Marketing.
Este curso de Facebook esta diseñado para personas que ya utilizan Facebook y que quieren darle un enfoque más profesional y estratégico a la red social. No entraremos en las funciones básicas de configuración de la herramienta Facebook, ya que nos centraremos en su uso profesional para una campaña exitosa de marketing.

Entre los temas que se tratan en el tutorial se encuentran:
Creación de comunidad en Facebook. Fase de Atracción.
Creación de concursos, promociones y publicidad en Facebook.
Creación de contenidos. Fase de Retención.
Contenidos atractivos y el Edge Rank
Herramientas para contenidos: fotos, vídeos, textos.
Fase de Conversión. Ventas en Facebook, lead, notoriedad, branding…
Algunas campañas exitosas.
Peligros en Facebook
Ley de protección de Datos en Facebook.

Podéis descargaros documentación y material de apoyo de forma gratuita en el siguiente enlace

Si te gusta comparte, comenta o dale a me gusta. Puedes recibir las últimas novedades si sigues nuestro blog (www.unaibenito), nuestra página de Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MARKETINGBILBAO) o nuestra cuenta de Twitter (@unaibenito).

Este manual se va actualizando trimestralmente incorporando las novedades que incorpora Facebook. Este tutorial de Facebook se imparte en cursos presenciales y cursos online.
para más información puedes ponerte en contacto con el autor.,

Traffic Avalanche Secrets- The Secrets of Viral Marketing

Traffic Avalanche Secrets- The Secrets of Viral Marketing

What You’re Getting With Traffic Avalanche Secrets…

• A complete run-down on the fundamentals of Viral Marketing (You need this to plan your marketing campaign)…

• A list of the most effective techniques of Viral Marketing which you can use right now…

• How to easily create FREE products that people would go crazy over (and how to use them properly)…

• With over 2 billion YouTube views every day, I’ll show you how you can have a share of the pie…

• And Facebook being second only to YouTube, I’ll show you how you could leverage on the untapped power of social media to spread your web presence like wildfire…

• Not enough horsepower? I’ll show you how you can get other internet marketers to actively promote your website (or product), while getting paid at the same time…

• How to create compelling stories that make people want to share it with their friends (this is extremely important)…

• The “Top Secret Viral Video Tactic” that people rarely talk about, or even know…

• Best of all, most of the techniques are FREE, and you only have to put in the effort once, while you lay back and watch others do the work for you…

• Low-priced software recommendations that allow YOU to take it one step further…,

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Advantages of Social Media Marketing
http://www.seo-services.com SEO Services uses a variety of strategies to help our customers achieve a successful internet marketing campaign. Social media marketing is a powerful marketing tactic that offers benefits beyond the capabilities of search engine optimization and pay per click. In the next 3 minutes we’ll list the advantages of social media marketing and how it can help your company reach new customers.

Social media marketing for businesses is best known for it’s brand and reputation management capabilities. Businesses can use popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook to maintain their brand and product’s online reputation.

Using a blog, companies can establish themselves as experts in their industry. A blog functions as a company’s social homepage which points to each social platform by which they publish their content.

A diverse collection of social platforms beyond just Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube is important to gather a variety of links from many different sources. These social extensions of your company brand leads to advantages beyond what SEO and PPC can provide.

Social media marketing differs from search engine marketing because social distribution leads to product discovery. Countless Google searches take place every day, but if people haven’t heard of your company, then they’ll never discover the value of your products.

Unless your product is compatible with social sites, you will miss out on the value of social marketing. Blogs and social platforms are built to be shared, discussed, and bookmarked. Only social media marketing can provide constant updates to your fans, followers, and subscribers. Using constant communication through blogs and social networks you will reach customers that would have never performed a Google search for your products.

Our social media marketing packages include the following features:
– Social account setup of all major social networks as well as relevant minor social networks.
– Constant reputation management of social networks, blogs, review sites, forums, websites, and directories.
– A custom wordpress blog designed to mirror the look of your website.
– Daily or weekly written blog posts that are distributed to your social networks as well as social bookmarking and social news sites.
– Custom made videos that are distributed on your blog, social bookmarking sites, and video sharing websites such as YouTube.
– Using advanced search features we constantly monitor for people that might be interested in your company. Much like SEO and PPC, this social outreach is a great way to put your products and services in front of a customer at the critical point of sale.

SEO Services is a full service online marketing agency specializing in pay per click, search engine optimization, and social media marketing to help you compete on the internet and win.,

Electric Video Marketing for Brands and Businesses

Electric Video Marketing for Brands and Businesses
Creative Video Marketing for Businesses: Brick and Sterling is a Video Marketing Company based in London. We produce marketing videos and campaigns for forward thinking brands and businesses. Find us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/brickandsterling

If you are looking for a video agency to build your exposure online then we would love to discuss your aims and see how we could work together to achieve them. We create persuasive advertising, marketing, sales & customer service videos.

Our team has a diverse range of complimentary skills, including media, sales and business. We can adapt our strategies to suite the nature and scale of your business or brand and would be happy to discuss unique solutions to help you stand out from your competitors.

In addition to promotional marketing videos, we create efficient customer service videos that support personnel to grow sales and improve productivity.

Thanks to Greg Brummel of Brummel Studio – https://www.youtube.com/user/gregbrummel

Video production by:
© 2015 | Brick & Sterling | All rights reserved

Find us:
Website – http://www.brickandsterling.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/brickandster…
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJWM…
Twitter – https://twitter.com/BrickNSterling
Google plus – https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/1099679…

More of our YouTube Marketing Videos
Colourful and Creative Marketing – https://youtu.be/oRKKh8pl1NI
Unique Marketing Video for Architects and Interior Designers – https://youtu.be/OR7NSSEdMW4,

Facebook page seo : promote facebook fan page in Google top ranking

Facebook page seo : promote facebook fan page in Google top ranking
Facebook fan page seo guide to promote your facebook page in top of search engine results pages of Google Yahoo bing by SEO. Optimize your facebook fan page to get top ranking in Google Yahoo bing search results. For more information visit this URL



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