Mobile Video Marketing for Business | Mobile Marketing Statistics 2013

Mobile Video Marketing for Business | Mobile Marketing Statistics 2013

Video and Mobile Marketing trends are the fastest moving trends on the Internet. In this video we outline some of the key mobile marketing statistics for 2013 that you need to know to effectively use mobile marketing for business, particularly in the area of mobile video.

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Local business listings hijackings

Local business listings hijackings
Protect your local business listing by claiming it at multiple local business listing Web sites If you do a search on local business listing hijacking you will find information related to situations in which a competitor hijacked another businesses local listing to their benefit. It’s becoming a popular subject that Smart Company wrote an article about hijacking prevention this past December. In New Zealand a florist is facing seven years for hijacking local listings of competitors. This is a real situation that can and does have an impact upon a business that is not paying attention to their local business listings. If your business relies on the local consumer market for its primary revenue and you are not clear about local business listings, then you need to get caught up real quick. For one thing … [ read more],

Viral Marketing Secrets & Social Media Marketing Strategies from Reality

Viral Marketing Secrets & Social Media Marketing Strategies from Reality Mason Duchatschek, co-author of Sales Utopia shares social media marketing strategies and viral marketing secrets he learned from an interaction with a reality tv star. You can use the ideas in this video for mobile marketing, internet video marketing, internet branding and online marketing promotion. social media marketing consultants are headquarted in the St. Louis, Missouri (USA) area and comfortably serve companies in English speaking countries.,

VIdeo Marketing Masterclass!!!

VIdeo Marketing Masterclass!!!
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Boston Area Small Business Listings CALL 480-200-4222

Boston Area Small Business Listings CALL 480-200-4222
Boston Area Small Business Listings Are you a Boston area business owner looking to list your business online? Have you ever considered the power video can provide you in promoting your business?

The New York Shop Exchanges Video Business Guide is a unique video online listing that will give your potential clientele a better understanding of your product or service.

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How to SEO your WordPress Website using Yoast

How to SEO your WordPress Website using Yoast
In this video we optimise posts & pages for search engines like Google by using the fantastic Yoast SEO plugin. We also setup an XML sitemap on WordPress and upload and submit it to Google Webmaster Console. One of many videos on Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization) for WordPress.

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Turn Your Facebook Fan page into an Autopilot Viral Marketing Machine

Turn Your Facebook Fan page into an Autopilot Viral Marketing Machine

You can turn a Facebook Fan page into a Fully Autopilot Viral Marketing site in 3 easy steps. By using the strategy showing here, your fanpage will automatically promote itself. Number of fans will be increased and share the facebook page with thousands of like-minded people. Your opt-in subscription list will go through the roof and exposure to your business will go up at an exponential rate. Here is how this concept works: When somebody visit the facebook page, a gift will be offered if he answers a question correctly. To access the question, the visitor has to click the ‘Like’ button and become a fan. Once he become a fan, the questionnaire will be displayed immediately. If his answer is incorrect, he can try again. If the answer is correct, he can immediately access the download link or opt-in subscription form. Also, the visitor will be able to send the question to his friends or groups. He will be able to post comments as well which will be posted on wall. This way, your fanpage will be promoted itself 24/7 fully autopilot. To create such a fan page, you have to follow only 3 easy steps. No programming experience is necessary to create the fanpage I mentioned here. You don’t have to worrry about installation, uploading, PHP script setup etc. No domain name or websites are required. What you need to do is follow the Tutorial we provide. If you know how to copy and paste, then you can do this yourself. The Tutorial contains so simple and easy to follow steps. For further details, visit:,

Sun Baohong on social media marketing in China

Sun Baohong on social media marketing in China
CKGSB Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing Sun Baohong (孙宝红) discusses the social media marketing environment in China and how is differs from social media marketing in the West. The presentation took place in September 2011 in London at the ceremonial launch of Cheung Kong Graduate school of Business (Europe).,