Uitleganimatie laten maken door FreshTV Videomarketing

Uitleganimatie laten maken door FreshTV Videomarketing
FreshTV Videomarketing presenteert: Uitleganimatie laten maken door FreshTV Videomarketing!

Probeer jij nog steeds met super-saaie PowerPoints je product of dienst aan nieuwe klanten uit te leggen?

Niet echt de manier waar je trots en gelukkig van wordt, toch?
FreshTV Videomarketing staat voor “trots, geluk en succes” en biedt je een betere optie. Wij maken namelijk een explanimation voor je. Een explaniwattes? (Da’s een hippe term voor uitleg animatie.)

Een animatie is dé manier om iets duidelijk, luchtig en sfeervol uit te leggen. Door de juiste combinatie van beeld, muziek en een goede stem kan je je persoonlijke visuele identiteit aan je product of dienst meegeven.

Of je nou iets zakelijks, technisch of educatiefs uit te leggen hebt, wij verbeelden jouw “trots en geluk” in een succesvolle animatie.

Wil jij ook je PowerPoint presentaties vervangen door een frisse video animatie? Kom dan snel een smoothie bij ons drinken!

Curso de Marketing Digital y Social Media Marketing – Promocional

Curso de Marketing Digital y Social Media Marketing – Promocional
Curso de Marketing Digital Gratuito a partir del 4 de diciembre 2014. Cupos limitados. Regístrate en: http://www.entrenese.com/marketing

Aprende a hacer negocios por internet, fundamentos para el posicionamiento web SEO y SEM, campañas de publicidad digital, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Redes Sociales, Google Analytics, email marketing y mucho más.


3 Easy Ways to Implement Video Marketing

3 Easy Ways to Implement Video Marketing
http://www.carlkwan.com In this video you’ll learn 3 easy ways to implement video marketing for your business. Video should be an essential part of your business’ marketing because video is just, literally, everywhere.

And if you’re not using video, your competitors probably are, and if they’re not, they’re likely thinking about it just like you are.
They could even be watching this at the same time you are!


One big reason why video is everywhere is because the traditional high costs and time associated with video production have come way down, making it possible for businesses of any size to create video content. Your iPhone, for example, contains an awesome camera and with the right external microphone and a couple of apps, you have the basic equipment you need to make videos.

But that doesn’t mean you can just turn on your iPhone in a dimly lit room, using only the built in microphone, and ramble on and on because you’ll look like you don’t know what you’re doing, which will leave a bad impression about you and your business.

Which means a video could actually make you LOSE business if not done right.

Bad sh*t.

So here are 3 ways that your business can implement video that will help with your branding and marketing.

For help with your video marketing, get in touch with me:



Seo tutorial in Hindi video Part – 1 On Page Keyword

Seo tutorial in Hindi video Part – 1 On Page Keyword
Seo tutorial in Hindi Video of complete on page optimization and keyword research technique to find right keyword with long tail so it can be ranked very easily in search engine. FREE SEO SOFTWARE – http://mywptips.com/free-seo-software

This seo tutorial in Hindi video described about what is search engine optimization and how we can do all major three steps of search engine optimization also. See the details in below video description here.

1 – Keyword Research –
We do keyword research for finding best keyword with good search volume every month and related ideas to that keyword also. For the perfect keyword research we use Keyword Planner tool of Google Adwords and after login in it we submit our targeted keywords and then this tool find hundreds of keywords related to our targeted search term and we can choose the best one which has hundreds of search per month and up to 6 to 7 words long also.

2 – On Page Optimization –
After finding the right keyword after doing great research we have optimize that search terms in our web pages also very easily and you can follow the steps below.
A – Use keyword in title of web page
B – Use keyword in H1 and H2 tag of web page.
C – Use targeted keywords in first 50 to 100 words of the paragraph.
D – Use focused keyword in Meta Title and Meta Description also.
E – Use targeted keyword in image alt tag also.
F – Use keyword in URL of the web page.
G – Must apply canonical URL for every web page.
H – Maintain keyword density of 2 – 3 %.
I – Make your keyword Bold / Italic or underlined also.
J – Inter link your web pages of your own website with different anchor text every time.
K – Fast loading time of your website always good for better ranking.
L – Your website must be mobile friendly or responsive.

3 – Link Building or Off page SEO Optimization
It is the third important part of our seo tutorial in Hindi video here and creating of back links is the actually link building and we can do these below mentioned work for doing link building.
A – Article Submission
B – Guest Posting
C – Info graphic Submission
D – Press release submission
E – Profile back links creations.

Friends I hope the above mentioned guide for seo tutorial in Hindi video may be really helpful for you.,

Should International Social Media Marketing Be Treated Differently?

Should International Social Media Marketing Be Treated Differently?
Q: What are your thoughts on social media marketing in other countries? I’m from Germany and Meerkat is nothing more than a cute animal. And even Twitter is not as dominant than in the US. Would you recommend to still go there and wait? To sit there and hope?

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business Wine Library and grew it from a M to a M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding his own VC.

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