How Do I successfully Run SEO Tests On My Websites ?

How Do I successfully Run SEO Tests On My Websites ?
Whiteboard Friday video from MOZ
Rand Fish describes three aspects of experiments we should all keep in mind to ensure valid results. He goes on to offer up several ideas for tests you can begin today!

Buzz marketing ou marketing viral : les chatons de Bouygues Telecom.flv

Buzz marketing ou marketing viral : les chatons de Bouygues Telecom.flv
Un peu de marketing viral : Vous trouvez les campagnes de diffusion TV / radio trop chères pour une entreprise? Et si vos clients rediffusaient votre vidéo pub gratuitement auprès de leurs amis !?

Le concept n’est pas nouveau mais il est clairement sous utilisé en France. Aujourd’hui pourtant, sans moyens extraordinaires mais avec de la créativité et du talent, il est possible de réaliser de telles vidéos.
(Plus d’infos marketing viral :

Les publicitaires de Bouygues signent là une réalisation fraîche et sympathique qui bénéficiera d’un relais spontané et positif des prospects et des clients… Bien joué !

Le site de l’entreprise :,

#Accountant Advertising & #Accounting Video Marketing from

#Accountant Advertising & #Accounting Video Marketing from
#Accountant Advertising & #Accounting Video Marketing from

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Uber’s #UBERKITTENS / Uber Kittens viral marketing stunt campaign helped Uber go viral in Australia allowing them to strategically acquire app downloads, new users and main stream media coverage in Australia.

This breakdown of Uber’s viral marketing stunt was filmed during Paul Ramondo’s keynote at the Princeton Digital #DIGIPHARMA Seminar in Sydney of 2015.

Inside you’ll learn:
– What is Uber Kittens?
– What the #UberKittens hashtag is
– How this viral marketing campaign case study worked

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I’m a Perth Vlogger and Entrepreneur.

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Local Listing Ads®: Business Listing Management – Marketing 360®

Local Listing Ads®: Business Listing Management – Marketing 360®
In this video we’re going to talk about the Local Listing Ads® program, why you need it, and how it works! –

Why You Need It
So what is the Local LIstings Ads® program and why do you need it? Well, the Local Listings Ads® program is our business listing management software which allows you to get your business listed on over 50 of the most popular local sites and apps through one easy to use dashboard. But to better understand it, let’s talk about 4 reasons why you need it.

Reason 1 – 80% of people use Google, which means 20% of the market share uses other sites/apps. You can’t control where people look, but you can control if you’re there.

Reason 2 – Helps with local maps rankings & SEO including voice search.

Reason 3 – It saves you time! You can login and update something once and it does the rest

Reason 4 – It ensures consistency and prevents duplicate listings.

How it Works

Now that you know what it is and why you need it. Let’s walk through 4 steps on how it works.

Step 1 – Kickoff call with your Marketing Executive

Step 2 – We set everything up for you and give you access to review and adjust as needed

Step 3 – Track the results and watch as new listings are created

Step 4 – Something change? No problem, login and update in under 5 minutes or let us know and we’ll do it for you.

So hopefully this video helps you better understand what the Local Listing Ads® program is, why you need it and how it works. We’d love an opportunity to earn your business, so don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our Marketing Consultants should there be any additional questions you might have. Happy marketing!

Marketing 360® is the #1 Marketing Platform® for Small Business. It has everything you need from design, to marketing, to CRM. Powered by Madwire® – voted one of the Nation’s Best Places to Work by Glassdoor in 2016 & 2017!

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Die wichtigste Frage im Social Media Marketing

Die wichtigste Frage im Social Media Marketing
Diese Frage solltest du dir jetzt sofort und dann regelmäßig stellen, wenn du Social Media Marketing betreibst!

▬ Über Felix Beilharz ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Felix Beilharz ist „einer der führenden Berater für Online- und Social Media Marketing“ (RTL). Der Autor von 13 Büchern und Buchbeiträgen lehrt an mehreren Universitäten und Hochschulen, hält weltweit Vorträge und berät und trainiert Unternehmen zum erfolgreichen Einsatz der Online-Marketing- und Social Media-Instrumente.

▬ Social Media ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬



Video Marketing 02: Cắt ghép

Video Marketing 02: Cắt ghép
Video Marketing là một trong những phương pháp marketing dễ thu hút người xem nhất, người dùng có xu hướng lẩn tránh đọc nội dung dạng bài viết, thay vào đó là ủng hộ việc xem nhiều nội dung video hơn. Theo thống kê người dùng sẽ dành 5 giây quyết định xem tiếp hay bỏ qua với mỗi video quảng cáo. Ưu điểm của Video Marketing là gây được ấn tượng mạnh, nội dung có tỉ lệ chuyển đổi đơn hàng cao hơn tất cả các thể loại Marketing khác.
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