Puebla – Video Marketing 3SIT

Puebla – Video Marketing 3SIT
Las atracciones de puebla son una delicia de nuestro país, desde su comida hasta sus lugares son una excelente opción para conocer los pueblos mágicos de México.
En este video puedes conocer la ex hacienda de Chautla, Cholula, el centro de puebla y Africam Safari que son lugares que en un fin de semana puedes visitar y disfrutar.
Si quieres conocer mas pueblos mágicos entra a: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8YtkJkaJAmfJyQd_lwurD8aB8uZxp0p6
Si quieres un video para tu empresa entra a: http://www.3sit.com.mx/videomarketing/


Hindi Motivational video | Network Marketing Mistakes | Success Secrets by Gautam Bali | Pawan Malik

Hindi Motivational video | Network Marketing Mistakes | Success Secrets by Gautam Bali | Pawan Malik
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Hindi Motivational video – Watch Network Marketing Mistakes, how to avoid network marketing mistakes to be successful in network marketing and other network marketing tips on Pawan Malik channel. In this video, Gautam Bali speaks about how to avoid mistakes and inspirational journey in Vestige and the spirit of Team Champions!
Stay tuned to Pawan Malik’s channel for more such success tips.

Click here to watch :

Success Tips – https://youtu.be/A6WpNqBym2k

मार्केटिंग के रहस्य – https://youtu.be/1C0otB1q2hE

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Video Marketing for healthcare and pharma

Video Marketing for healthcare and pharma

Healthcare Video Marketing

More and more entities and practices in the healthcare industry are turning to video to get their message out. Videos allow you to take complicated concepts and present them to your target audience in a way that engages, educates and entertains. This results in higher click through rates, more exposure, higher social engagement and an increase in brand impact. Here are just a few ways that video is being used in the healthcare industry:
medical e-learning, healthcare tips, explaining services offered, demonstrating new technologies, equipment & software, promoting sales and specials.

Healthcare Video Marketing

Más y más entidades y consultorios en la industria de la salud están recurriendo al video para promover su mensaje.

Los videos le permiten tomar conceptos complicados y presentarlos a su público objetivo de una manera que involucra, educa y entretiene. Esto se traduce en mayores tasas de clics, más exposición, mayor integración social y un aumento en el impacto de la marca.

Estas son algunas de las formas en que se está utilizando el video en la industria de la salud:
Enseñanza web médica (e-learning), consejos de salud, explicación de servicios ofrecidos, demostración de nuevas tecnologías, equipos y software, impulso de ventas y promociones.,

5 Top Video Marketing Tips for Restaurants

5 Top Video Marketing Tips for Restaurants
Tis’ the season! If you’re a restaurant owner, you like many others would be looking to fill your tables this winter period. Find out how to make your restaurant stand out by using these 5 video marketing tips.


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Contoh Video Marketing Businessman Explainer l video marketing indonesia

Contoh Video Marketing Businessman Explainer l video marketing indonesia
Contoh Video Marketing Businessman Explainer l video marketing indonesia – saya menerima pembuatan video dengan harga terjangkau dan profesional

1. pilih contoh video marketing
2. kirimkan data data yang akan di masukan ke video marketing anda
3. selesai

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semoga jasa video marketing indonesia ini bisa berguna bagi anda,

VIDEO MARKETING – Explainer Video

VIDEO MARKETING – Explainer Video
At Outlynx Media we create custom strategies that make it possible to run effective social media campaigns. Using targeted ads, eye-catching graphics, and engaging video content we provide you with the tools needed to expand brand awareness. Whether you are looking for a full-time social media manager or just someone to show you the ropes and get you started we do it all!

Visit http://www.outlynxmedia.com/social-media-marketing/ for more information!

Outlynx Media | Social Media Marketing and Video Production,

Video Marketing for Real Estate (Realtors) – Facebook Live Video Tips

Video Marketing for Real Estate (Realtors) – Facebook Live Video Tips
3 Incredible Facebook Live Tips for Realtors and Real Estate Agent Professionals. Jump start your video campaign with my best scripts, templates, and tools: http://thevideospot.net/realtor


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Realtors – you own the weekends. Open houses…signs on the corners. I’m energized when I see you out there hustling and I want to show you how to increase your visibility 1000% so that your prospects can see the hard work you do and I’ll show you how to doing this might replace all your other marketing efforts.

It’s called LIVE video on Facebook. You may have heard of it.

As a realtor leverage this technology to capture the moments you want your clients to see. Go live regularly so that your community comes to know you as a trusted voice on all things real estate, homes, and the like.

Here are 3 Tips for using live video as a realtor

Go LIVE anywhere – You can go live when you’re at an open house, shopping for light bulbs at home depot, or putting out signs on a Saturday morning. Take 10 minutes to show your prospects and clients that YOU ARE WORKING FOR THEM. All you need is a mobile device so there are no technical roadblocks.

Don’t Worry About Viewers- In the beginning you wont get many LIVE viewers so dont worry. It’s all about the replay anyway. Once your video is done you will get a lot more views and you can embed in your blog, share on social media, or send in an email…

Have a structure – Move your viewers through a beginning, a middle, and an end. Start by telling your viewers what you’re going to talk about and why. At the end, invite them to visit your website or Facebook page. Tell them when you’ll be live again. Have a simple framework will keep your content moving.

Strucutre and format will separate the wheat from the chaff so get my scripting template, tools, and more in the Video Marketing Toolkit for Realtors. The link is in the post.

Remember the next time you’re filling out paperwork, waiting for a client to arrive to a home, or staging a bathroom, grab your phone. Go LIVE on Facebook and show your audience how hard you work. Teach them something new, something helpful.

You’ll increase your visibility, increase your credibility, and you’ll have more clients.


My Favorite Gear for Starting with Video:

Wireless mic:


t5i with additional gear:



Mic / Lavalier

Microphone (for Desktop)


New Content Every Week on Social Media:


Facebook LIVE every Wednesday:

Entrepreneurial Advice and Tips on Snapchat

Twitter Posts and Periscope

Video Marketing Explained

Video Marketing Explained
Video is taking over the web and mobile browsing. Don’t get left behind. Instead harness the power of video today to explain why your audience should choose your products and services.

Visit our website at www.amplomedia.com to contact us and find out more about what we can do for YOUR message! We specialize in using motion graphics and animation for your marketing and communication needs.,